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Kayaking During Shelter in Place

One of the allowed activities for shelter in place is any outdoor activity with sufficient distancing from other people.  Kayaking is one of the perfect examples of an activity like that, as I’m rarely within one hundred meters from anyone.  Below are lines for the six paths I took.

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 5.49.16 PM

Steph joined me on the red path.  We saw many juvenile harbor seals.  They were so cute.

Shelter in Place

The shelter in place has been going decently well for Steph and myself.  We’ve gotten a good routine, and found some games to play together.  Our friend group has been on Discord and that has helped a lot.

We’ve been playing a lot of board games in lots of ways.

  1. Steph and I play in person
  2. Larger groups play on
  3. We play on Tabletop Simulator
  4. We play with someone streaming Jackbox on Discord
  5. We play on streams with cameras on the board and each person says what they want to do
  6. We play on specific apps like Terraforming Mars on Steam
  7. We play on MTG Arena

This has made socializing somewhat better.  It isn’t the same to play on this online platforms, but what we lack in quality has been made up in quantity.

One thing that has been both quality and quantity is the food.  I’ve been eating great healthy food, but too much of it.  I think it is time to watch and limit the intake.

I’ve also been happy with my new workout routine, which is morning Ring Fit.  It has a lot of different exercises and the game keeps it interesting.

The work routine has been a work in progress.  I’ve found a good setup that is working on the back patio using a small folding table.  I think this will be my work routine moving forward.  It is especially nice with all the birds that come to our back yard and the kitties in the tent next to me.  I’ve seen goldfinches, lots of hummingbirds, sea gulls, geese, and vultures.

Our garden is also coming in really nicely.  The berries are actually going to produce, which is surprising since it has only been one year and we weren’t expecting them to yield berries for another year or two.

Backpack Kayak

I decided to make a backpack mount for my folding kayak.  This allows me to now bike to the dock with the kayak on my back.  It wasn’t all that comfortable, but it was surprisingly functional.  The bike lanes on the way there are extra wide so it more or less worked out perfectly.  The wind on the way back made it a bit harder, but nothing that I couldn’t overcome.20200229_102808

Dark Escape Room

Steph and I did an Omescape room that was completely dark for 90% of the time.  The game was quite challenging, and we missed a few things that should have been obvious.  We still made it out at 52/60 minutes.  I really enjoyed the two person action, especially since there wasn’t any parallelization in this one.


Vegas Weekend

Steph and I joined a large group for their yearly Vegas trip.  This is the third time I’ve joined this group in Vegas, and I think it was my favorite trip.  Steph and I flew out Friday afternoon and got to Vegas in the early evening.

Steph had booked a couples massage for us at the Korean spa that Debby likes.  I had a really good massage with intense pressure.  Steph said she didn’t get as deep a massage as she would have liked, but overall the spa was nice.

We met up with much of the rest of the group at a Cornish pasty shop.  They were just finishing up so we had dinner as just the two of us.  The veggie pasties were very good.  We then joined them at the Velveteen Rabbit, which was a cute bar.  They started turning up the music so we decided to leave.  We went to a nearby beer focussed bar, and Steph and I decided to head to the hotel for some sleep.

Saturday morning I met up with, Myk, a colleague and we had breakfast at Bruxies, then walked the strip for a bit.

I then joined Steph and we went to the Shark Reef aquarium with Paul and Yutong. It was much better than expected, but our expectations were pretty low.  They had a large variety of sharks, and a small variety of other things.

Saturday evening Steph and I went to the Zumanity show.  It was an enjoyable performance, although not as good as any of the other Cirque shows I’ve seen.  It was the perfect show for Valentines weekend I would say.

Sunday morning we went to Dig This.  Steph and I got to crush a car using one of the large excavators.  Then we got to play with the small excavators and dig a hole.  They were fun to use and the power of the machines was impressive.

After Dig This we went to do two escape rooms at Escapology, Mansion Murder and Under Pressure.  We got stalled at a few of the puzzles, but overcame that decently quickly.  We escaped each room with about 20 minutes to spare.

Our flight was delayed so we had a bit of time to go to dinner with Adam and Tina.  The food at the place we chose wasn’t great.  They specialized in steak, so I guess that was good, but their veggie dishes left something to be desired.  We got to the airport a little early, but the plane boarded before the delay suggested so that was a good thing.  We got home to find the kitties timed feeders hadn’t worked, so they were so hungry.  I felt bad for the kitties, so we gave them lots of attention and food.

Succulent Party

Steph and I hosted a succulent planting party that turned into an Oscar watching party as well.  We had Tina, Amit, Adam, Candice, Micah, Riley, and Rong over to plant succulents.  I had a few planters and had bought a number of succulents to plant.  Tina brought over a huge supply of succulents and earthenware that she had made.  We got a a lot of planters replanted and had a great time doing it.  We used up a good amount of the gravel from the planters we made for our wedding as well.  Since it was insanely windy outside, we put down the tarp and table inside.  It worked surprisingly well for catching dirt and only a little bit got of the tarp.

I had a great time and would love to do more crafty get togethers, especially when it involves improving things we already have instead of making more stuff.

Weekend in Mendocino

Steph was having a diving weekend in Mendocino to kill some purple urchins.  She invited me along for the trip, but I stayed in a little cottage nearby and worked on different projects that day.

Steph was going to kill the purple urchin that had taken over the Norther California coast.  This was caused by the sea stars dying off from a disease when the Pacific there was warmed.  The urchin population explosion then led to the destruction of all the kelp forests.

We headed up early on Friday, and I was able to get a decent amount of work done in the car.  We got to the cabin pretty late, but in time to go to an adorable restaurant for dinner.  We got a great night’s sleep and the next day Steph headed out to the dive.

Afterward her dive we spent some time in the room because it was raining pretty hard at that point.  We used the huge jacuzzi tub and hung out until it was about dinner time.  We headed to an Airbnb that some of the other divers were renting.  We had dinner and drinks there before heading back to the cabin.  Steph decided not to dive on Sunday, and we just headed straight home.

George’s Birthday Dinner

George hosted a nice dinner at Plumed Horse in Saratoga for his birthday.  He invited Tina, Steph, Adam, Liz, Adam, Adisa, and myself to join him.  Steph and I were going to be a little late.  Waze took us on an interesting back route through the mountains, but we made it there earlier than we expected.  The dinner was delicious, and I had the meat courses, which my stomach ended up not liking after not eating any meat for a long time.  Steph had a few glasses of wine, and the veggie course.  We discussed the current state of the world and our hopes for the future.

Star Trek VR

Linday and Kevin joined Steph and I at Sandbox VR in the Hillsdale mall for one of their new experiences, Star Trek Discovery Away Team.  It was one of the better produced experiences.  The tech being used isn’t the best, so there was a good bit of latency on 6dof movement.  This made it better to stand in one place instead of moving around.  They also broke some of the things I consider to be core rules of VR, like you don’t have your player fall.

Lindsay and Kevin didn’t particularly like the experience, but were good sports about it.  Kevin was getting VR sick from the bad latency, and the gear they had us in was just uncomfortable.  The Void is probably a better experience, and I’ll be organizing some outings to it once the Westfield Valley Fair mall.

After VR we had a great dinner and conversation at the food court.  We had more of the jiggly cheesecake and some tasty ramen.

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