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Hiking into Big Sur

Steph and got on the road about 1:30 and made it to Big Sur Station at around 4pm. we waited there for about 30 min and then Joe and Chad got there.

IMG_1962 IMG_1963

We set out as we were getting shower on daylight. The hike was beautiful, but the first part was a grueling uphill with no forgiveness.


IMG_1975 IMG_1985 IMG_1987 IMG_2003 IMG_2008 IMG_2016 IMG_2025 IMG_2028 IMG_2041 IMG_2048

It was dusk as we came to the first campground, terrace creek. We decided to push on for another hour or so in the dark to make it to the next campground, Barlow flats, two miles further down the way.

IMG_2064 IMG_2066

When we got there it was pitch black. The people who had made it there before us were nice enough to show us to an empty camp spot. I took a bath in the creek, Then we set up and hung out with some of the other hikers. There was wiskey, scotch, sake, wine, beer, cider, and weed going around. Everyone was sharing their plenty but I stuck to just a little cider. We decided to call it a night a little early since everyone was so tired.

Henry Coe State Park Camping


Steph and I joined Lindsay and Jeremy on a 7.5 mile hike and backpacking trip to Henry Coe State Park.  We all met at Jeremy’s place and drove to the park from there.  It was only about a 45 min drive from San Jose, so not too far away.  The park itself was gorgeous, and it wasn’t hard to find our way around.  On the drive up to the park we saw a tarantula crossing the road.


I hadn’t realized they were around here, and this one was huge.  We then got to the park and set out on our hike.  We walked along some really pretty fields for a while and sat down to have lunch.

IMG_1600 IMG_1597 IMG_1604 IMG_1606 IMG_1608

While eating we got to see some Woodpeckers putting acorns into holes in the oak trees.  It was pretty amazing how many holes they had filled up with acorns.

IMG_1611 IMG_1609 IMG_1618 IMG_1624 IMG_1613

We then got into some hillier forested areas.  We got down to a dried creek bed at a place called “China Hole.”  There were some small pools of water there, but not much, and nothing flowing.

IMG_1636 IMG_1637 IMG_1640 IMG_1641 IMG_1646 IMG_1645 IMG_1649 IMG_1651 IMG_1656

There were some frogs, turtles, and decently large fish.  After hanging out for a bit there, we hiked down the dried stream bed to the next road.  There were a few puddles along the way, but nothing major in the way of water.  We ran across a recently dead dear.

IMG_1657 IMG_1661 IMG_1664 IMG_1666 IMG_1670 IMG_1671 IMG_1675 IMG_1680

We had one huge hill to climb before we made it to the campsite.  Past that hill it was just a short walk through another field and we got to the Lost Spring.  There was only a drip coming out, but beneath the drip there was a large basin of water.  That water was what we used to cook with that evening and the next morning.  We also filtered some for the hike back.  We set up camp and then had a nice dinner.  During dinner we saw a deer walk by, but didn’t get any pictures of it.

photo 1 (1)photo 2 (1)photo 3IMG_1681

After dinner Lindsay led a meditation session, where both Steph and I had our legs fall asleep.  Then we played a game of Hanabi and a game of Boss Fight.  We did well in Hanabi, but there was a little bit too much table talk.  The game of Boss Fight was ok, but there wasn’t enough agency, or depth to the game.  We then got to sleep, as everyone was very worn out.  The next morning we got up around 10am.  We had no idea that there was a 6.1 earthquake in Napa at 3:30am that morning, but we did realize that Jeremy was snoring and his alarm went off at 7:30.  We then got a big breakfast and hit the road.  While filling up water at the Lost Spring, we had a humming bird sit along the edge of the trough and drink water out of it.  We hiked back along the dry river bed, and got to see some pretty wildlife around the few water holes that were left, including a bright red dragonfly, some quail, and a good number of butterflies.

IMG_1682 IMG_1687 IMG_1691 IMG_1692 IMG_1693 IMG_1700 IMG_1709 IMG_1740 IMG_1729

We had a really good hike back along the river bed, and took another break at China Hole.  We saw another group of day hikers, and decided to head out before they left.  We chose a different, more direct route back, and the day hikers came along the same route.  We passed each other a few times and then made it to the top of the mountain for lunch.

IMG_1742 IMG_1746 IMG_1750 IMG_1751IMG_1748

We were getting pretty tired, so we booked it out, and made some good time after lunch.  We stopped by a Starbucks to treat ourselves to something cold and sweet before going home.

photo 4

It was a pretty fun time and the views were amazing.  I would love to do more hikes like this.  It also was a good training for the Grand Canyon hike I have planned for November.  The pack I took on this hike was 40 pounds without the water or containers.  With full water it was getting close to 60 pounds.  I expect to pack lighter personally on the Grand Canyon hike, but to be carrying more of other peoples stuff.  the air was just as dry as I expect the canyon to be and it was more constant a temperature, but not too much cooler.  The water I used was 4.5 liters on the hike in, and about 3 liters on the hike out.  I did a full day’s worth of Soylent, but it wasn’t quite enough for a day’s food.  The apples and peanut butter also weren’t worth their weight.  I’d say it is probably worth bringing the trail mix, and filtering more water.  The Soylent will still be a decent plan, but won’t be enough to hold me over the whole time.




Castle Rock Hike


Stephanie and I decided to do a hike with a meetup group.  We went to Castle Rock State Park to do the hike and the group turned out to be a rather large one.  There were a little over 50 people there and most of them were either significantly older than us, or transient foreigners.  They were all great people, and most were decent hikers, but we didn’t feel like there was the kind of people that we could be friends with.  We got a lot of good suggestions of other meetup groups to try.  I also think a hike with 50 people was way too many, and the waiting for the slow people to catch up got annoying towards the end.

hike4The hike was a total of about 8 miles, and had some amazing views.

hike5 hike3 hike2 hike

Squash With Nima

I really enjoyed getting out and playing some squash with Nima today.  It was very invigorating, even if he did destroy me 3 to 1.  I’m not in nearly as good shape as he is, since he plays many hours of volleyball each week.  I was getting some good placement and reads on him, but I wasn’t moving fast enough to keep up in the scoring.


Steph and I joined Lindsay, Jeremy, and one of Lindsay’s friends for a dance cardio class called U-Jam.  It was a good bit of fun, and I was able to keep up once I saw the patterns of repetition.  After the class we went to a nearby restaurant for lunch and got lots of American breakfast food since Lindsay had been in India for a couple months and wanted it.  She was nice and got me a very pleasantly scented piece of soap.

Squash with Nima

I enjoyed a rousing game of squash with Nima.  He destroyed me badly at the start.  It took me a while to get my placement back, but once I did Nima had a hard time beating me.  It was a really enjoyable game.  I look forward to playing him more, and I expect to have a good deal more time when I have the apps published.

Squash with Nima

Nima and I had the best round of squash we’ve ever had today.  I was getting really good placement, and he was able to figure out where I was going to hit it really well.  This led to us playing only three games, with all three going to deuce.  This happens usually every third game or so with us, but three in a row is unheard of.  We had a great time playing and I look forward to next week.

Yoga Belly

We did another class at Yoga Belly, and it was pretty intense.  This class had a lot more of stretching and balance, whereas the previous class was more about endurance.  I like the stretching and balance more, but they were both really good classes.  I’m going to have to go sometime this week, but It’ll be hard to find the time.

Squash with Nima

I got to play some squash today, but I got beaten pretty badly in 2 out of the 4 games.  The remaining two games I only won one, and barely lost the other.  They were both really good games, when I was warmed up and not yet too tired to keep playing.  Nima was in much better shape than I was and I could really feel it.  We hung out some before the game working a bit on a game in unity.  He was surprised at how quickly things can come together in Unity.  We’ll probably be able to get the game playable with just one more meeting next week.

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