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Wine Tasting and Chocolate

After the sailing we decided to stop by some fancy places.  The first was a little winery tasting room for MJA Vineyards.  We had some of their wine, but didn’t think it was that great.  The chocolate covered coffee beans were pretty tasty, but that didn’t justify a purchase.  After the wine tasting we went to a chocolatier and got a lot of chocolate.  Steph was cute and kept seeing something else she thought sounded tasty and she would grab one and add it to our pile.  We ended up getting 11 different kinds of chocolate.  We tried one while driving back and it was really good.  I don’t think it was quite as good as the Chocolate Garage chocolates, but still nice.  It was more flavored with not as great chocolate.

Tasting room site

Chocolatier Yelp


After sailing we decided to go ahead and get an early dinner in Santa Cruz.  Steph looked on Yelp to find Lillian’s and it was fantastic.  They had a wine special for a gewurztraminer that was crisp, but not sweet.  They also had some stuffed pesto gnocchi, which was really good.  I’d still say that Cafe Moulin is better, but not by that much.



Yelp link

Chocolate tasting

Yesterday, Stephanie and I hosted a chocolate tasting at my place.  She set up the chocolates and I set up the wines.  I served a white (the heinz eiffel riesling), a rose, and a red.  Jonathan brought some Sherry, which was very tasty.  The night was very nice and we had a pretty decent crowd show up.



There were 12 different chocolates, 1o of which we got from the Chocolate Garage.  The others were the best we could get at Safeway.  They tasted like wax when comparing them to the Chocolate Garage chocolates, even though they were the best from Safeway.  I feel very spoiled now that I have had really nice chocolate.


I took all the leftover pieces in a plastic bag with me to work, and enjoyed them on the train ride to and from SF.


Tuesday Drinks at Beachhead

Tina hosted a drinks night at Beachhead last night.  It was a rather enjoyable affair, with Wit, Riley, Adam, Tina, Stephanie, and Myself in attendance.  There were some really interesting conversations around fonts, Adams prospects in jobs, and core functionality of basic console commands.  They pranked Riley by changing his console commands so that ls printed to the screen “I love Orwin” and which would not find the ls file that had caused it.  I found it hilarious, but Stephanie wasn’t too interested since she hasn’t ever dealt in console.  I broke out a bottle of the really good Riesling  Heinz Eiffel, and also tried some of Adam’s Manhattan from Utah.  The manhattan was decent, but I still much prefer the Riesling.  We ate a bunch of Bolani, and Stephanie put bean curd sauce in with her egg salad tofu to make a splendid mix of flavor and texture.  Tonight we can try the bean curd sauce with the spicy tofu, which I think will be even better.

Savvy Celar

This is a nice little place.  When I say little, I mean little.  It is much smaller than I expected when I saw it from the outside.  I was expecting a full 2 story place with mostly chairs and tables inside.  What is actually there is a set of wine racks and a gigantic bar with tables and chairs only along the wall.  There also isn’t a second story to speak of.  That said it was a nice atmosphere, and I’d like to go back to get some food.  There was an artichoke, jalapeño dip, which sounds really good.  I got their Sauvignon Blanc, which was light and very nice.

Yelp link

Drinks night at Beachhead

We had some drinks at beachhead last night, and it was nice.  Tina, Brian, Steph, and I played some board games.  Riley joined us and put Real Steel on, but he is still feeling listless and depressed.  Brian brought a very tasty beer, and Tina had a great port, but I don’t remember either of the names.  I got Boba from Verde Tea Cafe.

Heinz eifel reisling


This is just as tasty as it was at the french restaurant in Monterey. I realoy enjoy this wine.

Rioja Montelciego


Very very good. I should order some.

Honey wine


Delicious honey wine at cafe ethiopia.

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