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Starship Troopers

This book was good, but over idolized the military industrial complex.  It also was interesting how they made war because they needed something for their military to do to justify its size and significance.  I’d prefer The Moon is a Harsh Mistress as a Heinlein.

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I, Robot

Even though it is a little dated, I really enjoyed the thoughtfulness of the book.  The form factor certainly will be different for robots in the future than what the book has, but I think the functions could be similar.  The three laws isn’t going to be a thing since we are making robots that are specifically meant to kill people (military drones).

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Quiet: The Power of Introverts

This book is way oversimplifying people.  It also is cherry picking some very bad studies.  I didn’t think it was terribly actionable nor informative.  I don’t think we’ll read it for book club.

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Friday Night Lights

This is a nostalgia piece for a time and place that isn’t mine.  I could see how people would like it but it just really isn’t for me.

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Stories of Your Life and Others

This is an amazing set of short stories.  All of them were very interesting in very different ways.  I would be up for reading a novel set in each of these worlds.  I think this is a must read for the book club.

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Station Eleven

I enjoyed the way the story unfolded in this book.  All the characters with their lives before and after, slowly converging on what was left of civilization.  I like that each of them holds on to what came before in their own way, with the worst way being hardcore religion.  The book doesn’t show the downfall and afterwards as I would expect it to play out, but it is still really interesting how things do happen.

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Gentleman Bastard Series

I really am enjoying this series, and the books are starting to get into an overall arc it seems.  The first three were more or less stand alones.  I also love the jumping back in forth in time that the series does.  This is one of the few authors who has really pulled that off well.  It allows the characters that get killed off in the first book to stick around for the rest of the series, and they continue to develop.

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Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits

I really liked this book.  The way the future city is set up is very interesting, with little to no governmental oversight.  I really liked that they got along without it, but that they needed some power structures to take its place.  Those power structures weren’t that believable, but the characters were very understandable.  The traitor being a worthless gardener who nobody knew was also great.  The story was a fantastic one and this author is one I’ll look for in the future.

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An Ancient Peace

I liked the book.  I was hoping to go read the next one, but it isn’t out yet.  The author, Tanya Huff has some other books that I might go for in the meantime.

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